🟡 #9 - Artificial Intelligence for Real Estate Agents: What’s it AI about?

Golden Nuggets with Silvia Eldawi

Nov 6 2023 • 54 mins

Welcome to The PropTech Season Premiere of Golden Nuggets with Silvia Eldawi.

In this episode with Ayman (AI-man) Alashkar, Founder & CEO of overwrite.ai, a leading innovator in AI for real estate, we share insights into the future of the industry and tips for agents to stay ahead. We cover the latest trends, benefits, and considerations of integrating AI into your real estate practice. 🚀🤖


We've researched and curated the top 10 AI tools that are a game-changer for today's real estate agents. Find out which platforms can help you with everything from lead generation to closing deals faster.

Whether you're a seasoned agent or new to the field, understanding AI's role in real estate can give you a competitive edge. Our countdown and discussion will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to transform your strategy and capitalize on AI's potential.

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