🟡 #10 - The Future of Property Management

Golden Nuggets with Silvia Eldawi

Nov 14 2023 • 45 mins

The Future of Property Management: Tech, Stories, & Sustainability! 🚀

Welcome to another episode of Golden Nuggets with Silvia Eldawi - The PropTech Season.

🎧 In this episode with Joe Robert Moufarrej, Founder & CEO of HappyTenant, an award winning digital solution for landlords, tenants and service providers,  we cover what's popping on the property management scene and tips for agents to stay ahead.

We also spill the coffee and drop the croissant on why managing properties might just be the smartest play for brokerages in town. ☕️🥐

Other headline chats include:

App-solute Innovation📱
Get the scoop on how an award-winning app is revolutionizing the game for landlords and tenants alike (whilst also helping brokerages win BIG business).

Sell It with a Story 📖
Forget the old sell-sell-sell — let's chat about the art of selling with a story. We're talking about the magnetic power of juicy tales selling homes better than boring basics.

Long-Term Loyalty 💛
We're breaking down why the ‘hit it and quit it' attitude is out, and building relationships is in. It's about creating connections that last longer than a closing deal. Repeat after us: Clients for life, not just for commissions!

Eco-Friendly is the New Black 🌿
With COP28 right around the corner, we're getting real about green living. We're talking paperless dreams and energy-efficiency. It’s not just cool; it’s planet-saving cool.

Hit play for a dose of forward-thinking ideas that are transforming real estate.

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