IL14: Is India Broken? - The Dangerous Equilibrium of Indian Society ft. Ashoka Mody

Top Traders Unplugged

Mar 22 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

This is an episode for those who want to hear an alternative view of the world's largest country. McKinsey has said we are living in the “Indian Century”. Morgan Stanley believes 20 percent of global growth in the next decade will come from India. Our guest today, Princeton economist Ashoka Mody, has a different view, which he details in his new book: “India Is Broken”. He argues that there are two Indias, a successful, highly skilled and educated elite and a billion-plus population that remains very poor. Mody believes that this dangerous equilibrium is maintained by a close link between the government, big business and, in some cases, organized crime. This association produces projects that attract capital and headlines but leaves an employment deficit of over 100 million jobs.


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Episode TimeStamps:

04:14 - Introduction to Ashoka Mody

10:19 - The development path of East Asia

14:41 - The path that India did not take

19:32 - The path they did take

23:37 - Different versions of India

30:37 - What is Hindutva?

34:09 - The Guljurat model of development...