What Has Become Clear to You This Year?--S3.E20

Ethics and Etiquette

Dec 16 2021 • 13 mins

Ralph Waldo Emerson used to ask his friends and colleagues, "What has become clear to you since we last met?" It was an invitation to share new thoughts and experiences. The final moments of 2021 lead us to do some similar reflection on the past year, both in the context of the work we do with this podcast and in our personal lives. Continue the conversation by sending us an email at inbox@ethicsandetiquette.com. The quotation mentioned in this episode, "A deep distress hath humanized my Soul," is from Elegiac Stanzas by William Wordsworth (1807). Ethics and Etiquette is a thought-provoking dialogue about everyday dilemmas. We offer insights and perspectives on sticky situations to help you scrutinize your choices and exercise your own ethical muscles. The podcast is presented by author and host Marna Ashburn; wife, mother, and attorney Kelly Halligan Zimmerman; and Mike Derrick, a retired Army Officer, combat vet, and father of four. New episodes are posted the first and third Wednesday of every month. Find them wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts or listen at our website. Leave a voicemail at our website www.EthicsandEtiquette.com. Instagram-- @ethicsetiquette. Facebook--Ethics and Etiquette.