Soundcheck 1. InTechnicolour at the Pioneer Club


Mar 27 2023 • 15 mins

Soundchecks is our new mini-series!! Over and over again we have said that networking is the name of the game. So, where better to find a bunch of musicians and industry professionals than at a gig?

So after our industry guest episode with Alex Eales, promoter and manager at The Pioneer Club he invited us down to do some interviews with an incredible lineup of bands during their soundcheck. This is episode no.1 with Tobie and Sam from the amazing band InTechnicolour. Unfortunately, Tristan couldn't make it to this one so I was left to hold the fort on my own!

Our Equipment:

- Portable Interface: Zoom Podtrack P4

- Zoom Microphone kit

- Headphones: Audio Technica M50x

- XLR Cables