EP35. Sam Coveney - Co-Founder of Small Pond Studios


Sep 25 2023 • 54 mins

We first met Sam Coveney at the Pioneer Club in St Albans when we interviewed some fantastic bands as part of our 'Soundchecks' mini Series. One such band was InTechnicolour, a band in which Sam plays drums. Within that conversation it became very apparent that Sam had managed to achieve something so many young producers and musicians dream of; building and running his own studio business. Along with a small collection of talented musicians, Sam founded Small Pond Studios in Brighton, which is the setting for this episode. Small Pond is an awesome set-up in the centre of Brighton, one of the UK's more vibrant and creative cities. Home to a beautiful studio alongside 6 gorgeous recently revamped rehearsal spaces with, honestly, some of the best equipment we have ever seen in a rehearsal space for hire. Better still it's a super vibey and friendly environment which wears its DIY beginnings on its sleeve with pride. As incredible as this is, we are more interested in how Sam got to where he is now and what else he wants to create going forward. Sam has truly carved out a career in the music industry, not only as a wicked producer but also writing, performing and touring as a musician and live sound engineer. It's abundantly clear that his success stems from hard work and an ethic to continue pursuing his passion with a desire to learn as much as possible along the way. Learn more: - Sams Website - Sams Instagram - Small Pond Instagram - ⁠About Small Pond Studios⁠ - Small Pond Home - InTechnicolour - Sams Band