EP29. The Art of Ugly - What We Learnt From Matt Kersey


Mar 20 2023 • 32 mins

After the success of our podcast episode with Matt Kersey of Kersey Guitars, we thought we would take the time to backtrack and discuss what we learnt. Something which stood out to us was how so much of what Matt described could be applied to songwriting and other disciplines within the music industry. The idea of starting the creative process by designing something ugly, fascinated us. Furthermore, as a business owner, Matt has gone through the motions of starting something from scratch and he introduced us to some steps in this process, we haven't considered before. Also, his awareness of 'burnout' and mental health is something we were keen to discuss in more detail.

Our Equipment:

- Portable Interface: Zoom Podtrack P4

- ⁠Zoom Microphone kit ⁠

- Headphones: ⁠Audio Technica M50x ⁠

- ⁠XLR Cables ⁠