EP 30 Are You Operating In Your Purpose or Your Path?

Find Your Own Voice and Own It

Aug 4 2021 • 27 mins

For many of us, responsibilities and obligations make it difficult for us to just drop everything and pursue our passions. But that isn’t the only way for you to operate in your purpose!

In this episode, Anya shows you how to find other areas outside of your career that you can operate in your purpose. Learn how to identify and develop your ever-evolving passions, and how to tell if you are indeed operating in your life purpose.

Tune in now and discover new paths you can take to living out your purpose with Anya today!


  • Why your purpose and your career can be different paths.
  • How to tell when you’re operating in your purpose.
  • Other areas for you to operate in your purpose outside of your career.
  • Ways to identify and develop your purpose.
  • Accepting that your purpose will always evolve and change.


“Your purpose is a lifelong journey. It's a process. But once you open yourself up to the fact that you can achieve it, then you're opening yourself to a lot of opportunity.”

“Is the path that you're taking just the path that you took because of convenience? Or is there something else that you want to do?”


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