EP 28 R.E.F.L.E.C.T. to Rock Out the Rest of 2021

Find Your Own Voice and Own It

Jun 30 2021 • 40 mins

As we hit the official halfway mark of 2021, it’s time to look back on the first half of the year and plan for what’s to come next!

In this episode, Anya guides you through your reflection on the year so far so that you can gain clarity on your goals and get straight to hitting them. From evaluating your priorities to establishing a solid plan for yourself, Anya covers all the bases you will need to set a steady path towards rocking out the rest of your year.

So tune in now and R.E.F.L.E.C.T. on 2021 with Anya today!


  • Reflecting on 2021.
  • Evaluating and setting your priorities.
  • Forecasting your finances.
  • Learning to accept where you are right now.
  • Establish a plan for 2021.
  • Commit yourself to your goals.
  • Time to execute your plan.


“Be patient with yourself. It’s not going to happen overnight. What God has for you is for you, it ain't going nowhere.”


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