Who Is Anya Day?

Find Your Own Voice and Own It

Jan 2 2021 • 17 mins

Are you sick and tired of silencing yourself from the fear of being misunderstood? Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed by life’s circumstances? No matter the struggle, the very first step to moving forward is owning your story. In this intro episode, Anya shares how losing her job taught her things she never knew about herself, how she overcame her insecurities and hesitations behind starting a podcast, and how she’s doing it anyway!

So join Anya on her judgment-free journey and tune in to this episode so that you too can start finding your voice and owning it.


  • You are Samantha.
  • What are your core values?
  • The story behind Find Your Voice and Own It.


“I don't want to apologize for just being me. And I feel as though there are other women in this situation, who also don't want to apologize for just being who they are.”


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