EP 26 Embracing Your Voice Through Your Fashion with Adrienne Russell

Find Your Own Voice and Own It

Jun 9 2021 • 53 mins

In this episode, we invite wonder of Curated Styles by Adrienne and Chic Essentials Boutique Adrienne Russel to share her journey as an entrepreneur with us. After spending years of finding her own voice through fashion, Adrienne now helps other women do the same through her fashion boutique and styling businesses. So join Anya and Adrienne as they chat about pursuing your passions, the evolution of the fashion industry, and overcoming self-doubt as an entrepreneur.

About Adrienne

Adrienne Russell is a DMV-based Personal Brand Stylist, Fashion Boutique owner, Style Expert, Wife, and Mom of 3. As a healthcare professional of over 15 years by day, having a deep passion for serving and helping others has always come naturally.

After experiencing poor treatment, judgment, and shame in a clothing boutique 20 years ago due to her curvy figure, Adrienne decided to create a space & place where women could feel empowered, confident, and beautiful regardless of their size.

Chic Essentials Boutique was launched in April 2019 and proudly caters to women of Duffy shapes and sizes with the motto “celebrating all women, all shapes, and all sizes.” Adrienne quickly identified a style gap in her boutique customer base of women who needed more intensive styling services, style strategy, and implementation in their wardrobe. These women were experiencing lifestyle shifts, upward movement professionally, and building BRANDS.

Curated Styles By Adrienne launched in Oct 2020 and was created with the female entrepreneur in mind. Adrienne provides a suite of Personal Brand Styling services where she teaches female entrepreneurs how to elevate their personal and brand style according to their body shape, lifestyle, and budget.

Adrienne's ultimate style promise is to help women find style clarity, reclaim their time, get dressed without stress, and get back to focusing on life's priorities.


  • Adrienne’s entrepreneurial and fashion journey.
  • The inspiration and mission behind Chic Essentials Boutique.
  • Diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry.
  • Balancing your personal, family, and business lives.
  • The importance of being selfish and setting boundaries.
  • Finding your voice and power through fashion.


“No woman should ever have to feel like they can't put on a certain piece of clothing and they can't feel confident and they can't feel beautiful.”

“We're pointing the finger at everyone else for why we look this way, why we're acting this way, why we're treating other people this way, when in fact, it's because we decided not to put ourselves first, and you have to take ownership over that.”


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