EP 29 Give Yourself Permission to Celebrate You... It's the Biggest Form of Self-Care

Find Your Own Voice and Own It

Jul 28 2021 • 25 mins

We’ve celebrated our milestones and our loved ones, but have we ever taken the time to celebrate ourselves?

In this episode, you host Anya shares the importance of giving yourself permission to celebrate YOU and why that can be the biggest form of self-care for yourself. Uncover the value of not celebrating your big and small wins but also celebrating your failures and mistakes.

So tune in and begin celebrating YOU with Anya today!


  • Why we need to celebrate ourselves.
  • The importance of giving yourself permission to celebrate.
  • Overcoming your challenges and giving yourself grace.
  • How to make yourself a priority.
  • Acknowledging both your big and small wins.
  • Why you need to celebrate your failures too.


“We wait for these big huge milestones to occur in order to celebrate, and that shouldn't necessarily be the case.”

“When you open up your thoughts in your mind to how great you truly are then, number one, you're creating more space for positive things to happen for yourself but you're also opening up the possibility of change.”


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