Entering product and engineering field: mentors, confidence, and continuous learning with Sarah Stone - SVP, Product Management at interop.io (prior Finsemble)


Jul 17 2023 • 36 mins

Sarah is Global Product Manager with over 20 years experience in FinTech, currently Head of Products at interop.io (prior Finsemble). She began her career as a Help Desk Manager at a FinTech startup and have held numerous roles over the years in both Engineering and Product Management. Sarah holds a BA in Mathematics from Boston College and an MS in Applied Math and Statistics from Stony Brook University. She is also on the Leadership counsel for a non-profit and was co-chair for 5 years.

In this episode with Sarah we are talking about:

  • Her trajectory from engineering into product management
  • Keeping up with latest tech trends and learning new ways to improve your work
  • Mentoring more junior women entering tech space

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