255 - The Transformative Art of Authentic Relating and Facilitation with Yaniv Rose

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Feb 6 2024 • 1 hr 7 mins

Is there an art to creating human connection? My guest this week Yaniv Rose, would certainly say so. As an Authentic Relator, his craft lies in facilitating deeper, more meaningful connections - transforming the relationship we have with ourselves, and the one we have with others.

It’s a tool for life: a grounding practice that asks us to consciously observe, fine-tune, and recalibrate our human interactions by showing up unequivocally as our truest selves. And when we rewire ourselves to honour authenticity? We can seek out new depths of intimacy, and ultimately, we learn how to be more human.

Find out about:

  • The five core practices within Authentic Relating
  • Why Authentic Relating is a transformational foundation for how you approach connections with yourself and others, and how you can start practising it today
  • How to connect participants to an organisation’s core values through roleplay
  • Why Authentic Relating as a facilitation tool can create a safe space for participants to feel seen and heard
  • Why workshops can fail if we stay within the realm of safety, and don’t try to make the implicit explicit

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