258 - Community-based Education Supporting Community-based Enterprise with Colonel Walter Holmes

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Feb 27 2024 • 1 hr 10 mins

Can I get your attention? Because this week, I have none other than Colonel Walt Holmes with me on the show, Air Force Commander, author, and master facilitator of community-based education.

Walt has been helping individuals to progress through the ranks of military units – and of life – since the 1999s, designing the systems for success in both soldiers and students. His 5 levels of achievement offers a unique gamified approach to change: encouraging meaningful metric-based accountability, collaboration and autonomy in his squadron of students. His belief: if we can impact someone’s behaviour, we can change their attitude.

Walt’s passion is undeniable - it radiates through the airwaves of our conversation and I’m positive you will feel it too! Tune in to learn all about community, attitude, behaviour and the cogs of organisational change.

Find out about:

  • Learnings from Walt’s military career as a cultural change facilitator
  • What it takes to change an entire organisation through the introduction of structure, autonomy and collaboration
  • Why the success to community-based education lies in a marriage of individual outcomes and metrics
  • The inner-workings of community models: why people taking ownership creates a system that is self-enforcing
  • What Walt’s book ‘Lead From The Middle, Lead From Behind’ can teach us about leading groups in disarray

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