263 - From Water to Metal: Exploring Elemental Archetypes for Enhanced Facilitation with Alice Inoue

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Apr 2 2024 • 1 hr 6 mins

We are all made of stars. The elements of our bodies were first forged in celestial matter across the cosmos billions of years ago. As humans, we tend to think of ourselves as separate from nature, but we are of course, nature itself.

So when Life Guide, astrologist and founder of Happiness U, Alice Inoue introduced me to her fascinating psychometric assessment based on the five elements of ancient traditional Chinese medicine - water, wood, fire, earth and metal – I knew this conversation was going to be filled with earthly, enlightening wisdom for both facilitation - and life!

Alice teaches us about finding our natural superpowers in the elemental system, how to foster deeper group harmony, and how to see ourselves and others in a new dimension. Intrigued? Tune in to your element – and this week’s episode!

Find out about:

  • Alice’s psychometric assessment Master Your Superpower
  • The elemental archetypes, their qualities and challenges, and how each element might interact with another
  • How to use the language of elements in the workplace
  • What we can learn about facilitation from astrology, Feng Shui and traditional Chinese medicine practices
  • The importance of getting comfortable with silence and asking the right questions

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