259 - Leading with a Rainbow Lens: Enhancing Inclusive Leadership Practices with Dr Steve Yacovelli

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Mar 5 2024 • 1 hr 8 mins

This week we take a look through the iridescent, rainbow lens of leadership, with Dr Steve Yacovelli, aka ‘The Gay Leadership Dude™’, to ask the question: what does it mean to be a truly inclusive leader?

Well beyond the DEI acronym and its all too often tick-box allyship mentality, we explore the essence of inclusive leadership and what every impactful leader can learn from the six competencies that naturally show up in the LGBTQ+ community: being authentic, leading with courage, having empathy, effective communication, building relationships, and influencing organisational culture.

We talk all things pronouns, bringing your full self to work, managing your unconscious bias, and finally, we pull at the seams of diversity, to reveal a single beautiful truth: every single human on this planet is diverse!

Find out about:

  • Learnings from Steve’s 25 years in the leadership, development, change management, and diversity and inclusion consulting space
  • What it means to lead with a Pride Leadership mindset
  • Why inclusive leadership must go beyond the superficial celebration of the DEI acronym to foster belonging for all
  • The five dimensions of diversity and what it means for leadership
  • Why a feedback-rich culture is critical to creating belonging in the workplace
  • Why learning in a group of 3 can have greater success than learning in pairs

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