262 - Navigating the Facilitation Landscape with Community Perspectives

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Mar 26 2024 • 1 hr 11 mins

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Earlier this year, SessionLab published the second edition of their State of Facilitation report, surveying the ever-evolving landscape of our profession. 93 countries, 372 hours spent answering the survey and a generous 975 respondents later, and the NeverDoneBefore community joins together with the SessionLab community to put the 2024 report findings under a facilitation magnifying glass in our very first fishbowl conversation!

Together, we dissect three juicy and provocative, yet important questions: Do accreditations, or a lack of, harm or expand our profession? Do facilitators hide behind their tools? And how valuable is community in our world? Episode 262 is a special one, join us!

Find out about:

  • Key findings from the State of Facilitation 2024 report
  • The presence, weight and validity of accreditations in facilitation - can we learn on the job or do we require a professional certification?
  • The role that tools play when facilitating small vs. large groups and how they can help us to navigate conflict
  • Whether digitally-assisted facilitation is transforming the face of the profession – for the better or worse
  • An exploration into how facilitators continue to learn

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