249 - Facilitators in the Role of Participants – Insights from the NDB Festival 2023

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Dec 26 2023 • 1 hr 45 mins

This episode is a special one! You’re invited to time travel back to the NeverDoneBefore Festival, and join me in my virtual podcast boat where I speak to six of our talented facilitators over the 24-hour event: Becky Sawle, Sonja Sinz, Mirjam Leunissen, Célia Rene Corail, Etrit Shkreli and Marianne Oh.

It’s a jam-packed journey, full of rich, multifaceted wisdom; each conversation offers a fascinating and thoughtful perspective, making the next hour and a half an exploration into facilitation as a whole, in its many wondrous forms.

We talk about the balance between structure and emergence, we find unexpected learnings in a Christian Andersen folktale and teachings from a Hindu goddess, we delve into embodiment, trust, costumes, language and neutrality, and how we can support neurodiversity in workshop settings. Phew, it’s a whistle-stop tour!

Find out about:

  • How costumes can create a safe space to tap into our creativity
  • The balance between structure and emergence that appears through co-creation, and how to navigate the two
  • Why conflict isn’t necessarily a bad thing; when you lean into it, we can strengthen relationships
  • Why as a facilitator, we are the ultimate source of energy, transferring our feelings and emotions to the group
  • How to use embodiment to shift moods, develop new behaviours, and why observing a deeper connection with our body is a journey into self-discovery
  • Why we can draw inspiration from Shiva and Kali in Hindu mythology, to find the balance between presence and action
  • How facilitators can balance diverse needs and preferences to support neurodiversity

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