250 - Crafting Impactful Learning Experiences with Military Precision with Pat D’Amico

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Jan 2 2024 • 1 hr 15 mins

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From the US Military, to the world of professional coaching, my guest this week is not only an ex-army officer, but an executive coach, leadership mentor, facilitator, and an inexorably passionate learner.

At aged 17, Pat D’Amico was enlisted into Valley Forge Military Academy where he went on to serve in multiple humanitarian and combat deployments around the world. But it was here in military training, that his personal leadership journey began. It shaped him into the exceptional facilitator that he is today, teaching him the lifelong discipline of continuous learning, the importance of being passionate, and why knowing your stuff should be approached with military precision.

Pat takes us on a fascinating expedition this week into powerful course design, the world of leadership training, why practical training will always triumph over classroom learning – and much, much more!

Find out about:

  • Pat’s learnings from his time in the military and how army training has helped him to become a better facilitator, mentor and coach
  • The importance of mastering your content, and how facilitation mastery and content quality complement each other
  • Why it’s important to listen to the high performers, instead of the low performers to understand organisational challenges
  • Learn practical tips on how participants can retain and apply key learnings after a workshop has concluded
  • Why creating a safe environment for participants to make mistakes is so valuable
  • Passion, content customisation, and relatability are crucial for a workshop to succeed

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