Pramod's journey from working at a high-growth startup to building one

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Sep 8 2022 • 55 mins

Pramod is the cofounder and CEO of Threado where he is building the "Command Center" for community builders. Threado gives community builders superpowers by allowing them to get actionable insights, automations and workflows to manage their communities.

Before Threado, Pramod was the VP of Marketing at Zomato - India’s largest food delivery and restaurant discovery company. He joined them as their 13th employee and went on to build and lead their Marketing team for more than 8 yrs.

And then in 2019, he quit to start his own high-growth startup.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • Pramod's recent $3.1M seed round and what it will unlock for Threado
  • How Pramod bootstrapped Threado to an MVP and a stellar team of 25
  • Community and content playbook that Pramod used to launch Zomato to new cities
  • Why Community Manager was Pramod's first hire in a new city
  • Joining Zomato as their 13th employee when it was still called FoodieBay
  • 7 startup ideas that Pramod explored before landing upon Threado
  • Support systems that helped Pramod navigate this chaotic period of figuring out his next big idea
  • Why sharing your secret ideas creates more opportunities for you
  • How Pramod did user testing to pivot Threado to a completely new product
  • Threado's marketing philosophy

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