Episode 112 - The Shift from Free to Fee: A Business Perspective with Monique Mills

Unpolished MBA

May 8 2024 • 22 mins

In this episode the discussion centers on the changing dynamics in the world of business, especially focusing on how services that were previously offered for free are now transitioning to paid models. It highlights how unexpected charges for services that were once free can alienate users and customers. Monique talks about the importance of distinguishing between users and customers, the impact of shifting business models on customer loyalty, and offers advice to businesses considering moving from a freemium to a paid model. The episode stresses the need for transparency, reasonable pricing, and ensuring added value when introducing paid features to previously free services.

01:11 Understanding Users vs. Customers

03:28 The Evite Experience: A Case Study

08:45 The Impact of Changing Business Models

13:55 Advice for Entrepreneurs on Freemium to Paid Transitions

20:22 Closing Thoughts and Words of Wisdom

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