Theo Stephan of Global Gardens - Olive Oil, Vinegar, and Eating Healthy

One Woman Kitchen

12-03-2020 • 42 mins

Theodora Stephan, affectionately known as Theo, is the creator and owner of one of California's most important olive oil producers, Global Gardens. Just celebrating her 22nd harvest, Theo is a grower and entrepreneur whose presence, both online and off, sources mighty as the olive trees she has planted - and there are thousands of them. Recently named the California Olive Oil Guru by the Los Angeles Times, Theo's farm stand in aptly named Los Olivos in Santa Barbara County is where she writes cookbooks, teaches and educates the public about best agricultural practices. Theo grew up in Ohio, spoke Greek, ate Spanakopita and decided she would one day move to California. And she did! Theo joins author and chef Rozanne Gold to share her journey, including what it takes to produce 2,000 gallons of olive oil each year; what it's like to fulfill a dream of having a farm stand in California after a successful urban advertising career in the Midwest; how it is possible to deep fry using olive oil if the oil is of great quality with a high smoking point; and, how a childhood taste test determined the rest of her life.