PR for small businesses with Alana

The Ditto Podcast: for creative entrepreneurs

May 18 2021 • 33 mins

Meet Alana Simpson, a PR mentor, strategy expert, and a textile fanatic. Alana guides entrepreneurs through public relations and helps them nurture their storytelling skills so they can dive into doing PR for themselves and work towards filling up the "As Seen In" section of their website.  With over six years of marketing and communications experience, Alana brings kindness and compassion to the table for her clients, allowing them to own their story in an ethical way, through PR training, strategy building and 1:1 coaching. People love working with Alana due to her stand out hilarious and caring style, which makes reaching your business and PR goals become attainable. Alana’s community love her because of her boundless ideas, tireless enthusiasm, and unshakeable drive to help her clients get over their self-doubt and step into and become the business person they’ve always wanted be. Listen in to hear what advice Alana has for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs!

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