S1 E6: Jennifra Norton - How to Let Love In (and really feel it)

Women Who Say F*ck

Nov 13 2023 • 44 mins

One day in the spring I had a feeling to call Jennifra at Chatham Yoga to see if she was looking for any substitute teachers for lighthouse beach yoga. That phone call not only lead to a summer of teaching yoga on the beach, but a friendship with a very cool lady.

In our interview, Jennifra speaks about her life with an open heart. She is honest and vulnerable about her hesitation about letting love in, about finding her calling, losing her husband, and finding love again.

This felt like a really special way to end season one. I hope you enjoy ♥️

There are more interviews to come, but please give us your feedback on your favorite listening platform, and share when you feel called to.

It’s amazing all the things I’ve felt and learned from asking these women questions about their lives. This journey has felt empowering, loving, and magical. I’m excited to continue.

Contact Jennifra at @chatham.lighthouse.beach.yoga on Instagram or her website www.chathamyoga.com

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