The Classroom of Critters: Animal Conversations, and the Importance of Exceptional Teachers with Sarah-Jane LeBlanc

The Change Gang Podcast

Jan 1 2024 • 49 mins

I'm very excited to start of 2024 with the amazing Sarah-Jane LeBlanc returning for a deeper dive into animal communication and the importance of good teaching involved for the best outcome for everyone.

Sarah-Jane is a professional animal communicator, trainer, mentor and coach who has a passion for supporting people in turning their dreams of becoming an animal communicator into a reality.
With a background and degree in education she can effortlessly break down complex teachings into easy to learn steps.

But it is the magical blend of combining 20yrs of animal communication experience with more than 30yrs experience as a trained therapist, counselor and certified coach that sees her excel in the field of animal communication teaching as she supports students in clearing blocks, banishing old beliefs and overcoming fears and anxieties so they can become the EXTRAordinary Animal Communicator they desire to be. And the animals need them to be.

And that is all that Sarah-Jane wants for you.
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