Martina Geromin on the lifelong process of going beyond limitations


Dec 22 2020 • 32 mins

Welcome SwitchedON! Crew. Dan here with today’s Signals around Going Beyond Our Limitations. With me is Martina Geromin the Co-Founder of the school beyond limitations, and more. A great quote from Martina in the Episode: “You will never finish knowing”….. Come Join us and Enjoy the show! Resources (School Beyond Limitations) Subscribe to Podcast (Apple) | (Google) | (Spotify) | (Stitcher)  3 Great Signals From Martina 1)   It is not about competition, it is about cooperation 2)   The more we read, the more we realize 3)   Give space to the Flourishing uniqueness of each individual NOTES FROM SHOW Welcome to the switch on podcast today, we have Martina Geromin with us, Martina is an expert in education. Knowledge Management and Leadership she's a co founder of the School of Beyond Limitations, a school that sees students as a whole human being, and a school that would go beyond their limitations. I want to say welcome Martina I'm excited to having the show is a really fun concept and. Can you tell us a bit more about your background beyond my intro. Martina Geromin 1:07  Beyond limitations with education, this is this has been my baby ever since I can remember, that you may not believe it, but already at the age of five, I knew that I would do something in education, and I knew that I would become a teacher, and I knew that I would actually, at the end of the day, create my own school. Wow. And interestingly enough, of course I went through formal education, I did a number of academic titles and I started teaching, Italian, there I did research a lot and then I ended up, you know, moving from country to country as well and I went, working in different educational systems and in each system. I realized there was something there was always something that I was doing differently. I always had this perception that I needed to bring some, some, you know, flexibility into the system by seeing the students first and interestingly enough, I always had a very strong bonding with my students and many when they were in my lessons they just enjoyed my lessons and then I ended up working in the international context, I realized also there that when I was working with students, I integrated lots of different modalities so that they really got inspired again you know sometimes they lost their interest, especially when they were older they just keep their learning for the sake of learning or studying because they had to undertake examinations, or whatsoever. And I always felt this is not enough, then I became a principal Head of School in international schools I also work at university level, you know, I went through the entire system from, from kindergarten up to university and other, education, and you know also moving from one country myself to another, I realized that I almost always had this pain in myself to be back. You know my setting and students and staff, and. And that, and then I met the co founder my partner of school, and she was the one that told me but I would it be possible also to create an online school. And then I said, Wow, that's an interesting idea but I would like to have an online school that is really a holistic online school and online school that's not, you know, just based on, you know, preparing for examinations and studying certain subjects, I want it to be holistic. I want the student to be seen in his tight team you know in his entire being. And yeah and so as a concept. Because it was meant to actually give a possibility of continuity with regards to education for digital nomads families who want the...