#32 Rob Fitzpatrick | Author, Write Useful Books

SaaS IT UP 🎙️

Jan 7 2022 • 45 mins

As we see the success of Write Useful Books in the non-fiction writer's community, we spoke with Rob Fitzpatrick to learn about his worldview. He went through Ycombinator back in 07 with an attempt to figure out the social advertisement before Meta managed to do so, which obviously didn’t work out so well. He has raised funding in the US and UK, built products used by customers like Sony and MTV, designed and kickstarted a card game, co-founded the education agency Founder Centric, rebuilt a little sailboat, and has built and launched countless silly hobby and side projects which have (so far) managed to keep the wolf from the door. He is a techie who (grudgingly) learned enterprise sales.

In our candid conversations, we spoke about non-fiction writers, the new business models around the publishing landscape, and more so, about a creator's journey.

Contact Rob at https://www.robfitz.com

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