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We bring the global voice from the SaaS and the digital universe. As we speak with entrepreneurs, VCs, and ecosystem partners, we will unravel unique stories about their choices and the books that shape their worldview. www.republicofsaas.com Subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app. Support us at saasitup.crypto or chat with your DAO community members at https://bit.ly/RoSdiscord If you have any feedback, feel free to drop a note at audiolab@republicofsaas.com or join our club at https://clubhouse.com/club/republic-of-saas
#34 Yousuf Khan | Partner - Ridge Ventures#33 Andrew Gazdecki | CEO - MicroAcquire#32 Rob Fitzpatrick | Author, Write Useful Books#31 Alex Chisnall | Host of Screw it, Just do it#30 Mark Birch | Principal Start-up Advocate at AWS#29 Manoj Bharathi | Director, CBCC Global#28 Alex Theuma | CEO - SaaStock#27 Gagan Biyani | CEO - Maven#26 Andrew Warner | Founder - Mixergy#25 Wes Kao | Co-Founder - Maven🪙 24 🎙️ Two sides of the Coin : Arthur Nobel🪙 23 🎙️ The Game of Venture Investments : Denis Kalyshkin🪙 22 🎙️ The Future of Audio in the Digital Universe : Simon Lau🪙 21 🎙️ The Universal laws of Product Management : Anna Boyarkina🪙 20 🎙️ The Future of Work : Justin Mitchell🪙 19 🎙️ Entrepreneurship, Technology and Empathy : Alisée de Tonnac🪙 18 🎙️ Saasification of Deep Tech Startups : Kiran Mysore🪙 17 🎙️ The Future of collaboration in the Digital World : Jakob Knutzen🪙 16 🎙️ The Science of Sales Leadership : Zorian Rotenberg🪙 15 🎙️ Sales Rhythm in SaaS : JB Daguené