22. Processing Your Emotions with Thomas Jones

Why Isn't Everyone Doing This? with Emily Fletcher

Oct 17 2023 • 1 hr 8 mins

What would you ask if you could interview your therapist? In this episode of Why Isn't Everyone Doing This?, Emily is joined by her former therapist and founder of the Paradox Process, Thomas Jones. Together they dive into their two decade-long history and Thomas shares about his unique methods for helping clients process emotions and alchemize their pain into gold. They also discuss the power of vulnerability, how to harness your sexual energy for manifestation and turn up the dial on your own divinity. By the end of the episode you’ll be asking yourself, why isn’t everyone processing their emotions? === Want to learn how you can join Ziva's movement to visualize, alchemize and magnetize the life (and world) you really want? Go to zivameditation.com/secret to find out more! === Timestamps 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:02:11 - The Paradox Process and Processing Emotions 00:08:40 - Creating the Reality You Want 00:15:30 - The Shift in Human Evolution During the Pandemic 00:17:47 - Spiritual Revolution and Growing Pains 00:24:32 - The Joy of Healing 00:28:58 - Working through Emotional Issues 00:31:08 - Overcoming Fear and Embracing Vulnerability 00:35:19 - The Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance 00:41:54 - Effortless Realization and Deep Knowing 00:46:10 - Harnessing the Power of Sacred Sexuality 00:50:44 - Changing the Internal Dialogue and Creating a Different Story 00:52:51 - Harnessing Sexual Energy for Manifestation 00:54:58 - Using Sexual Energy to Activate the Chakras 00:57:06 - The Power of Manifestation 01:01:36 - Facilitating Miracles & Manifesting Dreams 01:03:51 - The Power of Self-Transformation 01:06:05 - Conclusion === Thomas M. Jones is a psychotherapist, author, musician, and founder of an innovative technique, The Paradox Process, which employs negative thoughts in order to produce a perception polarization... essentially how to change your life by learning to direct your mind. In the world of medicine his approach would be described as renegade, however the proof is inarguable. Jones has been highly successful in his work for the last 50 years with a clientele that includes CEO’s, television journalists, Oscar, Emmy, and Tony Award winning performers, doctors, musicians, artists, health coaches, social workers, psychologists and business professionals across the globe. Jones has shown them how to strategize for success in every area of their lives from manifesting the career of their dreams, to achieving intimate, loving, lasting relationships. Ziva Listeners Free Gift ⁠paradoxprocess.org/ziva⁠ Website: ⁠paradoxprocess.org⁠ === Ready to start your life-altering Ziva practice? Click here to start now. Ziva's free meditation masterclass: zivameditation.com/freemasterclass Learn with Emily live: zivameditation.com/bliss Discover Ziva pleasure practices: zivameditation.com/secret