S3: Bringing soul back to our High Streets, with Ash Bishop, founder of The Brilliant Signs Company

Conversations of Inspiration

Mar 11 2019 • 58 mins

In this episode, Holly explores the rich heritage and history of signwriting with Ash Bishop - founder of The Brilliant Signs Company.

Ash started out in the Army at Sandhurst, until he decided that it was time to walk in his great-grandfather’s footsteps and followed the family trade of sign-writing.

He decided to resurrect one of his most admired sign businesses, ‘The Brilliant Signs Company’ which was originally founded 1888, but fell into disrepair. Ash ‘reclaimed’ it in 1999, where he learned and refined his craft, creating the most beautiful glass signs and sign-painting around the UK, and across the world.

In this conversation, Holly and Ash discuss his unusual journey, what it was like starting out in an industry which was almost killed off due to technology, as well as his mission to ‘restore the high street through his beautiful craft - injecting that much-needed soul back onto our streets, and in turn, bringing a community together.

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