SBP 042: How To Handle Rejections As An Entrepreneur

The Activator HQ Podcast (formerly The Smallstarter Business Podcast)

Jan 29 2021 • 34 mins

Human beings don’t handle rejection very well.

For most people, rejection is emotional.

We feel insulted, angry, and heartbroken when other people push us aside like we don’t matter.

But when it comes to business, rejection can be a huge blessing in disguise.

And every smart entrepreneur understands this.

You will often face rejection when you try to sell your product.

You will face rejection when you try to apply for a bank loan or approach potential investors to give you money.

You could face rejection when you try to convince suppliers or distributors to do business with you.

In fact, it’s almost impossible to succeed in any business without facing a series of rejections.

That’s why you need to get better at how you deal with rejection so you can exploit it to your advantage.

You’re going to love this.