Intro to "Exxtra Sweet"

Sweet Somethings

Dec 6 2023 • 1 min

This episode is an introduction to "Exxtra Sweet", a new segment of Sweet Somethings! In this segment we will be walking alongside the silent great among us, those who have decided to say "yes" to following through on bringing out what's within! Each of us has something special inside of us to bring out to and for the masses with love. What is that thing?? Most of us know what it is but we are scared. Could it be that book that you're supposed to write, that clothing line that you're supposed to start, that podcast, metal health practice, song, non profit, you name it it! Hopefully, through the stories of our friends on "Exxtra Sweet", you will say goodbye to fear and begin to finally become. Your becoming is not only for you, it's for the world! Looking forward to journeying with you on "Exxtra Sweet"!

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