Six Month Recap!!!

Sweet Somethings

Jul 24 2023 • 1 hr 9 mins

In this episode I’m joined by an exemplary group of individuals that I highly respect: Chinyere Anunobi, Naomi Barton, Shane Clarke, and Uju Ibe. We discuss what the last six months were like for us and what we desire the next six to be. Come Journey with us as we give you a look in our 2023! Thank you for listening 🤗 To connect with the fam who blessed us on this episode: -Chinyere Anunobi (@chinyeregracec) -Naomi Barton ( -Shane Clarke (@escapewithshane,, -Uju Ibe (@uju.ibe) ❤️☺️ --- Send in a voice message:

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