Episode 122: Guest - Cam F Awesome, on ”The Morale Booster with Dr. John Ughulu.”

The Morale Booster with Dr. John Ughulu

07-07-2022 • 37 mins

Episode 122: Guest - Cam F Awesome, on "The Morale Booster with Dr. John Ughulu."

Growing up, Cam dealt with academic and social challenges. Bullying and anxiety led him to join a boxing gym to protect himself. Cam had tried out but was unable to make any teams he tried out for. Boxing was the only available choice since no team had to be made.

Cam quickly fell in love with the sport. He realized his potential to be great and dedicated every waking moment to be the best boxer possible. Cam's mental toughness served as his superpower in the ring. Within 2 years in the sport in 2008, Cam won the National Championship claiming the title as the #1 Super Heavyweight boxer in the country.

Cam holds 4 Golden Gloves Championships, 6 US Championships, 3 PAL National Championships, 6 Ringside Championships, and 3 Olympic Trials. Cam holds the title as the Winningest Boxer in USA Boxing history. Cam's accomplishments are impressive but pale in comparison to the losses he has accumulated to reach this point. His story of resilience is so inspiring it's featured in the NETFLIX Original documentary COUNTERPUNCH.

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Contact; camfawesome.com facebook : facebook.com/camfawesome instagram : @camfawesome linkedin : linkedin.com/in/camfawesome

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