Ep. 19 Staying on track when the financial news has you down

Living Richer

Nov 2 2023 • 17 mins

With higher inflation, higher interest rates, a potential recession on the horizon and economic headlines flooded with negativity, many are feeling scared and concerned about their financial future.

In this episode, my associate, Carol da Silva and I address some of the concerns we’ve heard from clients and listeners. Some of the topics we discuss:

1.      Why having a solid financial plan is helpful and the importance of taking inventory of where you are when circumstances change (I go through this exercise in detail in Ep.3 Financial Discovery).

2.      Re-evaluating your goals (I also take a deeper dive into goal setting in Ep. 2 Goals Discovery) and making any necessary tweaks to ensure you stay on-track to meet them.

3.      Important things to consider when reviewing your budget and deciding how to allocate your savings during leaner times.

4.      For those in retirement, who are drawing from investments to meet your lifestyle needs, I also share some strategies that could be beneficial in our current economic environment. If you’re feeling anxious about your financial future, be sure to give this episode a listen and take a look at the resources linked below.