Ep. 17 Interview w/ Jeanette Bock, Elder Care Consultant: Planning for Your (or your parents')Later Years

Living Richer

Jul 13 2023 • 50 mins

When planning for retirement, most people don’t focus on health concerns, yet the reality is that seven out of 10 people over 65 will eventually need long-term care.  This can have a major impact not only for an individual but also for the entire family.

In this podcast, I interview elder care consultant Jeanette Bock. Jeanette works with seniors and families to guide them through the many life choices they face as they age. During our discussion, Janette shared her top planning tips to ensure you or an aging loved one can make informed decisions to ease life transitions.

We discuss how best to handle a later in life transition to assisted living, aging in place, or when an unexpected crisis occurs. We also talk about the important things you need to consider when planning for retirement years, including:

  • Prioritizing health considerations since this will have the greatest impact on your lifestyle, housing and finances.
  • Starting the conversation with your loved ones about your wishes. If complicated family dynamics are involved or you’re not comfortable bringing up the topic, the importance of involving a third party to facilitate the discussion.
  • Making the right housing choice, whether it be aging in place, downsizing or, if your health is declining, an assisted living facility
  • Making sure you have a Power of Attorney in place, not just for property but also for personal care. This will ensure your healthcare wishes are met.