Introduction to Tuning Fork Techniques

Tune Into Sound Wellbeing

Oct 24 2023 • 50 mins

This week's podcast episode, Introduction to Tuning Fork Techniques, delves into the versatile world of tuning forks for holistic well-being. Hosts Amanda and Stephen explore various methods of using tuning forks, such as Biofield Tuning, Acutonics, and techniques developed by sound healing pioneer John Beaulieu. They discuss the concept of harmonic resonance and how tuning forks can be used for quick energy boosts. Amanda also provides tips on caring for tuning forks. In the next episode, they will focus on the fascinating role of sound in reducing stress and anxiety, shedding light on the science behind the calming effects of sound therapy. If you're curious about sound therapy and its potential to promote wellness, this episode is a valuable introduction to the world of tuning fork techniques. Tune in to explore the harmony of sound for overall well-being. SHOP | TUNING FORKS Biofield Being has an extensive range of hand calibrated tuning forks. SHOP | AMANDA'S AUDIO CATALOGUE Explore recorded sound sessions, yes some downloads are FREE! SIGN UP | NEWSLETTER + PRACTITIONER TRAINING UPDATES + FREE WORKSHOPS Learn more about your ad choices. Visit