Ep #338: Scaling to 100 Clients in 3 Years & Working 3-Day Weeks: A Conversation with Ryan Greiser, CFP®

XYPN Radio

Jun 29 2022 • 55 mins

We’re excited to welcome XYPN member Ryan Greiser, founder of the Pennsylvania-based financial planning firm Opulus, to the show. Ryan started his professional career as an athletic trainer before a client recruited him into a financial planning firm, where “financial planning” was actually just cold calling and selling insurance. Ryan lasted three years before moving to a broker-dealer, and while he was able to do more planning there, he was still expected to sell insurance—and a lot of it at that.

Ryan ultimately launched his own firm in 2019, and has been on a rapid growth trajectory ever since. Most recently, Ryan has been building out a cryptocurrency offering to support his clients, which has become a big driver of new business for his firm. In this episode, we talk extensively about Ryan’s cryptocurrency offering, going into the details of how he designed it and his vision for the future.

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