Ep #354: The Impact of Tax-Optimized Financial Planning: A Conversation with Joanne Burke

XYPN Radio

Feb 8 2023 • 52 mins

This episode’s for anyone who:

  • Has made or is considering making the transition from tax prep to financial planning
  • Understands the impact every financial decision has on taxes
  • Is looking for conversation starters with your clients about the value add tax-optimized financial planning offers them
  • Wants to shift tax prep from being reactive to proactive
  • Wonders how to structure fees when you offer tax services, financial planning, and investment solutions
  • Is looking for inspiration to pursue their passion at any age

In this informative conversation with XYPN member Joanne Burke, CFP®, CPA/PFS, founder of Birch Street Financial Advisors, we learn why Joanne left a big four firm to join a partner who’d split off to go independent and help start their accounting practice.

After a few years and the birth of her second child, she decided to launch her own tax practice to give herself the flexibility to spend more time with her family than public accounting would have provided.

Fast forward after her youngest left for college, she decided to pursue her passion for financial planning and made the leap in 2020 to start her own RIA. We talked about her original plans to convert tax clients over to ongoing financial planning clients and the challenges she faced as she tried to move from being seen as their tax preparer to being seen as their financial advisor. Her deep tax knowledge has proven to be a real asset as she’s shifted tax prep conversations from reactive solutions to proactive planning. We talked about the upcoming decision she'll get to make as she decides if she wants to stay solo or hire and begin to grow the firm.

This is a really fun interview that covers a lot of bases you don't want to miss.

You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: http://www.xyplanningnetwork.com/354