Navigating the Affordability Conundrum in Health Insurance

Insurtech Story Podcast

Dec 10 2023 • 26 mins

In this podcast episode, we will tackle the pressing issue of cost control in health insurance, striving to unravel strategies that can render coverage more accessible and affordable. Our discussion spans around innovative approaches within the industry, exploring how technology can be harnessed to identify cost saving opportunities without compromising the quality of care. Additionally, we take a global perspective, examining successful instances where either government policies or private initiatives have effectively implemented cost control measures in health insurance.

Points of discussion:

1. How can innovative cost control measures be implemented in the health insurance industry to make coverage more affordable for a broader range of individuals?

2. In the current landscape of rising healthcare costs, what role do technology play in identifying opportunities for cost control within health insurance plans?

3. How can these insights be leveraged to drive down premiums? Any used cases you can share from the global market?

Speaker Bio: Prasad Krishnamorthy, is the Vice President - Products, at Perfios. Prasad has been creating B2B solutions across BFSI and Supply Chain use cases for more than two decades. He is passionate about using the best of technology like IoT, ML and AI to solve real-world inefficiencies. In his current role as the head of Insurtech solutions at Perfios, leveraging Perfios' robust data framework to provide solutions across the Insurance spectrum for Automating people intensive processes - making them faster, cheaper, and better. Understanding and Analyzing varied large scale data to enable real time decision making, identifying and mitigating Risk and Fraud is also part of the role.