The APsolute RecAP: Chemistry Edition - Chemical Bonds

The APsolute RecAP: Chemistry Edition

Sep 21 2020 • 10 mins

Episode 15 starts with a quick recap of electronegativity and how it determines the type of bond formed (1:10). Then it takes a closer look at covalent bonds and electronegativity, introducing polar and nonpolar bonds (2:20). Diving even deeper into covalent bonds, we focus on the relationship between distance between nuclei and potential energy and define bond length (5:00). The episode also recaps how the size of bonded atoms and the bond order influence the bond length and bond energy (6:28). Taking a closer look at ionic bonds, we apply Coulomb’s law to determine the strength of interaction between cations and anions (7:27).

Question: What type of bond is formed when atoms with low electronegativity combine? (8:49)

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