759: Randy Molland | Relentless Pursuit of Wanting To Become a True Entrepreneur

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May 23 2022 • 33 mins

Going through a life-changing experience Randy Molland, co-founder of REInvestors shares his experience on how he developed himself and found purpose in helping others while growing his business. Randy started working as an Electrical apprentice at the age of 16. By 22 he qualified to become a Red Seal Journeyman, running crews and multiple job sites, losing his best friend and mentor made him realize that life was short to keep working Mondays to Fridays, with that Randy invested himself in education and building a passive income lifestyle. With no further ado let’s join Randy as we dive into his life and journey as an entrepreneur.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 08:43] Opening Segment

  • Randy discusses how growing up in a low-income family and seeing others buying nicer things motivates him to learn more about earning a dollar and what it means.
  • How working hard while others enjoy their weekends, pays off later in life.
  • Randy shares, how he lost his brother to sudden infant death, and how his father left his business to focus on them.
  • "Life can go at any time” his best friend passing away made Randy realize even more to pursue his dreams.
  • How he tries everything and is ready to fail, Taking the risk and making sure he has a fallback option.
  • How his late mentor, a former boss, sees potential in him and encourages him to do bigger things, losing him made Randy realize that “security wasn’t in the job anymore”
  • Randy explains, that most of us think about getting that $30 an hour but we don’t think about security
  • Afraid of his future, he liquidated all his RSPs and Savings and then invested in a company that created lifetime security for him.
  • In pursuit of creating his security. He found real estate investing and started building a portfolio of passive income.

[08:44 - 14:16] Investing in yourself.

  • In search of a brighter future, Randy invested himself to be trained.
  • $15,000 training program? Doing the math, Randy realizes that it’s better to invest earning new skillsets and allowing him to grow than just earning the same amount once.
  • Asking advice from people that have what he wanted and walking away from those who don’t.
  • Spending more than $150,000 on training, masterminds, and education. With it the are skills to help him earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
  • His curiosity sparked his realization to the importance of wealth education.

[14:18 - 22:18] Not Following for Money, but Following for My life

  • Randy advised following one mentor or an influencer for each part of life.
  • Learning “building your life resume” from Jesse Itzler
  • Randy always aims to build a business that gives back.
  • Joining training programs, meeting people, creating business, and gaining credibility, allowing investors to come in and work with them.
  • Randy talks about how he and his business partner built their network and raised $11 Million last year.
  • Having people that they trust and wanted to be involved with is a big component of growing their business.

[22:19 - 30:44] Always Make Time to Learn

  • Selling yourself on something that you aren’t but also putting effort into becoming who you wanted to become.
  • Randy shares about putting passion into work, that they invested in learning

o   Taking time to attend training and classes.

o   Listening to podcast

o   Do research and studies

o   Even dream about it at in sp.

  • Randy suggests that “if you don’t know” ask your mentors, and do research.
  • Randy talks about a guy that was passionate about what he does but does not feel fulfilled.

o   Finding purpose

o   Creating wealth

o   Helping others and changing lives

  • You don’t need much money to start giving, start giving today.

[30:45 - 44:09] Closing Segment

  • Random round

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Tweetable Quotes:

“There is so much world out there that we don't know about. My advice now for a lot of people is I don't just follow it for money, I follow it for my life.”

- Randy Molland

“It’s relentless pursuit of chasing our dreams. Nothing about money, just about the true passion of wanting to become entrepreneurs.

- Randy Molland

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