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17-06-2022 • 17 mins

↗ Many people may spend their whole life looking for a specific time when they discovered their purpose, when life just gets clear and all the pieces start to fall into place. Welcome, Melahni Ake!

"I have discovered that my greatest strength is to add value to others by challenging people to connect to their purpose through creating programs that inspire them to explore, develop and share their passions. I simply believe we all have the potential to help each other realize and live our dreams that inspire positive change in the world. I am building an exclusive team of Everyday Leader WHY Professional Coaches to make a bigger impact in the world!"

Oct 1, 2019, through a challenge from her mentor, Dr. John C. Maxwell, she began a morning bible study “leadership devotional" using the John Maxwell Leadership Bible that has been meeting consistently every day with people all over the world. June 27th, 2022 we will celebrate 1,000 days of growth together. This has created significant clarity for Melahni and how she is serving others.

Melahni is dedicated to consistent personal growth in herself and others.  Starting her career at Disney and for a span of 25 years she was an executive leader in the medical device industry and held roles in executive sales leadership, sales training and global market development.  She is the founder of Everyday Leaders Professional Coaching and Consulting.  She challenges her personal growth everyday to find better and more creative ways that allow her to make sense of complex and challenging ideas to make a bigger impact in the world.

She is a best selling author x 4, host of Everyday Leaders 50in50 Podcast founded in 2018, a certified John Maxwell Leadership Development Coach, Trainer and Motivational Speaker and a Certified Professional Consultant and first US Affiliate Coach with the WHY Institute.

Her passion is to challenge others to find better ways to discover his/her unique strengths, values and voice so that they can make sense of the complex and live a life making a greater impact to live a more fulfilled life.

Specialties: Podcast and Event MC, Keynote Speaker, Voice Actor, Workshop Facilitator, Virtual Event Designer, Leadership and Brand Development Coach and Consultant, Strategic Media and Marketing Coach, Daily Leadership Devotionals

Episode #206 of That Entrepreneur Show- The podcast where founders of companies and brands share their entrepreneurial journeys, lessons learned, tips for success, and more each Friday since 2019. Look out for Podcast to Podcast and Rewind the Clock Bonus Series Episodes released throughout the season.


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