Episode 1, Our 2022 Predictions


14-12-2021 • 22 mins

Episode 1 Predictions for 2022 Adam Brodie Stu Coates Sectors - Future of Work, EdTech and HealthTech to rise to continue. Robotics, Automation and Supply Chain to really accelerate. Terms - a lot of capital around - reportedly $100bn fundraising in US this year. Expect to see more US investors involved in UK Series A and beyond, so bigger raises and higher valuations. 1x non-participating liquidation preferences to continue to be the major form of equity investment. Diversity - well known lack of diversity particularly among VCs. Good progress made in 2021, expect this to be at the top of the VC talent agenda again in 2022. Starship delivery robots stuck in snow Amazon warehouse robots PwC Ventures VC Term Sheet - Market Report 2021 Facebook pivot to Meta to reinvent/clone Second Life from Lindon Lab and Minecraft from Microsoft . Chaos Monkeys: Inside the Silicon Valley Money Machine, by Antonio Garcia Martinez Crypto currencies Non-fungible tokens (NFT) High fees with crypo currencies The Lightning Network