Bhagat Singh Ki Jail Diary - Trailer

Bhagat Singh Ki Jail Diary

Mar 15 2022 • 2 mins

Breaking the stereotypical portrayal of Bhagat Singh presented in numerous cinematic and creative pieces, this podcast brings out the innermost feelings of the most celebrated hero of the nation, INDIA.

\'Bhagat Singh Ki Jail Diary\' is an attempt to feature the persona of Bhagat Singh, way beyond just the revolutionary spirit. The podcast aims to convey the rush of feelings a twenty-three-year-old revolutionary must have felt during his jail term. The rush of thoughts about his family, friends and life that concerned him but didn\'t become a hindrance between his dedication for the nation and the desire to serve the motherland unconditionally, captured like never before.

Showcasing the emotions from the Jail Diary penned by him, this podcast is a reminder of the actual definition of patriotism.