Khauf Stories


Khauf Stories Season 2 is a gripping audiovisual horror podcast series that delves into ancient horror folktales. Across ten spine-chilling episodes, the series brings terrifying tales of supernatural entities, dark mysteries, and unsettling encounters to life. Each story, set against India’s rich cultural landscape, unfolds a new dimension of fear and suspense, leaving listeners on the edge of their seats. From haunted college students and shape-shifting creatures to vengeful spirits and cursed rituals, Khauf Stories Season 2 promises a relentless journey into the heart of darkness...

Credit List :

Producer: RosePod India

Concept & Direction: Tamir Khan

Assistants: Shruti Shelatkar, Smarnita Menon & Mevin Abraham

Writers: Ashish

Dubbing studio: Lalit Korde

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