The Dave Bowman Show

05-08-2022 • 27 mins

The last half of July and the first days of August have been a whirlwind. Thank you to everyone who texted and eMailed or commented about the situation. I appreciate it very much. I wish that I could tell you that everything is alright, and back to normal at last. It's not. And it will be - I imagine - several more weeks to months before things return to an even bubble. That said, it's Thursday. This week, the state of Kansas rejected a ballot measure that would purportedly have allowed the state Legislature to pass laws restricting abortion by affirming that the State Constitution contained "no such right (to abortion)." The reaction has been predictable - the left and Democrats aren't just celebrating, they are seeing this as a predictor of what will happen in November. In some cases, it is being pointed out that "blood red" counties voted the measure down by two thirds margins. The problem here is multilayered, but it stems from a basic misunderstanding of liberty and the impact of the original Roe v Wade ruling which was about privacy, specifically medical privacy. And what may surprise you is that I would have voted against it as well, as would any liberty minded conservative...