BONUS EPISODE: The best from our guests with Philippa Lamb and Lucy Greenwell

The Pension Confident Podcast

Aug 20 2023 • 19 mins

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On this special bonus episode of The Pension Confident Podcast, we’re turning the mic around on our Host; Philippa Lamb, to hear her favourite moments from the podcast so far.

We’ve had some brilliant guests - from CEOs to campaigners, barristers to financial influencers, along with some of our favourite in-house PensionBee experts. On this episode we’ll hear a range of important financial topics discussed from the likes of:

Read the episode transcript here.

Episode Breakdown:

02:02 Credit card debt and money worries

04:51 Reducing the gender pension gap for our children

06:52 Credit scores and credit invisibility

10:10 Shariah investing

14:25 The financial risk of ‘Common law marriage’

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