Kitchen Friction with Erin Galloway

Foodie With A Life

Mar 8 2022 • 28 mins

In this episode my long time friend and cooking class client, Erin Galloway, joins me to ask questions about how to cook, shop and plan alongside her chef-y partner. Moral of the story, if your partner loves to cook - you want their light to shine - but it has to be a good balance for everyone. We talk about it all in this fun episode! Follow Erin's doggy escapades on IG: @punkrockpinschers

Episode takeaways:

  • Grocery shop with a loose plan
  • Write your weekly menu with your partner and divide ownership
  • Ask each other, "What would success look like for you?" and work backwards from there
  • If your partner loves to make elaborate meals, have them pick a day or two when they own the meal and let them fly
  • If leftovers are going to waste, either freeze portions or downsize
  • Compliment each others style if you can. Have the "process-loving" cook make side dishes that can be mixed à la carte throughout the week so they have creative freedom, have the "utility" cook make the big batch menu items like soup or casserole
  • Flavor bomb ideas: vinegars, fresh herbs, white wine, citrus, olive oil, sesame oil, soy sauce/tamari

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